• Dela Accelerator

Accelerator overview

The social entrepreneurs participating in Dela all work on solutions that create better livelihoods for people who are vulnerable and marginalized, with a focus on economic empowerment and, creating and sustaining jobs. 

The Dela Accelerator is comprised of three phases:

  1. Strategy Phase - during the Strategy Phase, social entrepreneurs analyse the problem they are tackling, identify the system change they want to achieve and develop a roadmap as well as an organisational strategy to achieve it.
  2. Dela Summit - a key moment in the Dela Accelerator, linking all phases of the year-long experience.​ 
  3. Scoping & Experimentation Phase - in which the social entrepreneurs start testing and/or implementing a selected element of their strategy, with the support of an expert team of IKEA and Accenture co-workers.

In all phases of the Accelerator, the social entrepreneurs are supported by IKEA co-workers, Ashoka systems
change facilitators and executives from the business and social innovation sectors who apply their professional experience towards changemaking. In this third edition of Dela, Accenture has joined as a collaborator to provide design and digital expertise.

Dela Summit

The Dela Summit supports leading social entrepreneurs strengthen their strategies for scaling impact by connecting them with executives, entrepreneurs and experts (Strategy Thought Partners). 

The Summit builds trusting relationships among the participants and equips the social entrepreneurs with tools to succeed in implementing their strategies.

In this four-day experience, participants focus on refining and strengthening strategies, making connections and exploring systems leadership in a peer format.

Event Days

April 5
Day 1
Day 1: Accelerator Presentations
Who should attend?

The first day of the Summit will offer an opportunity for social entrepreneurs to present their system change strategies.

This is a key step, as it is the first moment participants will communicate the strategies that they have developed throughout the Accelerator to an outside audience and generate excitement for the conversations they will have the following day. You can meet this year's participating social entrepreneurs below.


April 6-7
Day 2 & Day 3
Day 2 & Day 3: Accelerator Conversations
Who should attend?

During the second and third day of the Summit, the social entrepreneurs will have a series of one-on-one or one-on-two conversations with Strategy Partners, who will dive into their strategies and provide new insights to strengthen them.

These conversations also serve to help the social entrepreneurs identify blind spots, communicate their strategies more effectively and walk away with potential new contacts to help implement their plans. You can meet this year's Strategy Partners below.


April 8
Day 4
Day 4: Peer to Peer Leadership
Who should attend?

The final day slows down the pace of the intense and input-filled previous days.

We bring just the social entrepreneurs in a quieter, calmer setting and create an environment for them to reflect on their personal roles as systems change leaders.

In Coaching Circles, they will have the opportunity to explore their personal questions on leadership, collaboration, and challenges surrounding systems change.

Social Entrepreneurs

Each social entrepreneur has been chosen based on their solutions to improve livelihoods for vulnerable and marginalized people, with a special focus on economic empowerment.

The social entrepreneurs and their organizations are at an inflection point where working in on their systems change strategies to scale their impact is a priority, and the Dela Accelerator is a valuable process in their journeys.

Strategy Thought Partners

The following profiles are of Strategy Thought Partners who will work with the 11 participating social entrepreneurs in a series of in-depth conversations. 

At the Summit, Strategy Partners work in a 1:1 and/or 1:2 session with each of the social entrepreneurs, focusing on: 

  • Sharpening their strategies to shift systems and generate large scale impact;

  • Helping the social entrepreneurs work through specific challenges;

  • Brainstorming relevant networks and connections.

Resource List

We encourage you to have a look at these key resources before your participation in the Dela Summit:

Scaling impact is a very serious and challenging issue, but we need a better way of framing the conversation.

How can social entrepreneurs create large-scale change?

We put together the following definitions of terms that you may find when going through the Strategy Decks of the social entrepreneurs you have been matched with: